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The Project Manager in collaboration with identified Testers defines the planned testing approach for the software project.


Primary Performer

Project Manager

Additional Performers


Mandatory Inputs

  • User Story: The overall set of functional requirements for the system will guide the level and type of testing for the project.

Optional Inputs



Define functional testing approach
The Test Plan should specify how functional tests will be implemented including how tests are to be implemented and required coverage. It's expected that most testing will be automated but areas that will required manual testing should be identified.

Identify load and performance test
Based on any usage requirements identified in the Supplementary Specification, the Test Plan should identify the approach planned to ensure that the system meets these requirements.

Define acceptance testing approach and criteria
Whereas the test types above are implemented and used internally by the team to ensure software quality, the acceptance testing approach is specified by the Customer and indicates how the Customer will determine that the software delivered at the end of an iteration or release is satisfactory. The Project Manager will work with the Customer to ensure that the Customer understands common acceptance approaches. The Project Manager will document the agreed on acceptance testing approach in the Test Plan.

Identify resources required for testing
The Test Plan should specify the hardware and software required for testing.

Identify staffing required
The Test Plan should identify the expected level of effort required per iteration to implement and perform tests.